Tennis is a game that demands intense concentration which can be all too easily
broken by thoughtless interruptions or needless distractions. All players should
be familiar with the generally accepted manners and customs of tennis.
Here are some examples:
– Dress appropriately. Follow the club’s rules.
– Don’t indulge in loud conversations while waiting for a court to become available.
– When a court becomes available, don’t walk to it by crossing the middle or even
the end of another court while play is in progress. Wait at least until the end of the
point and then hustle across the back of the court.
– When making line calls, always give your opponent the benefit of a doubt.
– It’s generally considered rude to return a service that is obviously out.
– Line calls should be made promptly and clearly.  Any ball that is hit without a call is
presumed to be good and play should continue. If a serve is clearly out, say so and
don’t hit the ball unless you wish to prevent it from going into an adjourning court.
– When it is your turn to serve, make quite sure that the receiver and/or his partner is
ready before you begin your motion. But, it is the receivers responsibility to signal
you if his partner is not ready.
– Before you serve, announce the score, and any disagreement should be dealt with
before the point ensues.
– If you should happen to lose a ball on an adjourning court, don’t ask for the ball
until their point has been completed and don’t go behind another court to retrieve a
loose ball.